Cheap Backpack
Cheap Backpack

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Cheap Promotional Backpack
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Affordable Promotional Backpack
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Affordable Backpack
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Cheap Backpack is a product that stands out with its practical features and affordable price.

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  • Dimensions: The Cheap Backpack has compact and portable dimensions of 30x40x15 cm. These dimensions are ideal for daily use.
  • Material: The bag is made of waterproof luxury linen fabric. It does not contain carcinogenic substances and provides users with safe usage. The inner lining is made of 270 D.
  • Durable Zipper: The main compartment and pockets of the bag feature durable Type 8 zippers. This ensures the safe storage of the bag's contents and allows for smooth opening and closing of the zippers.
  • Foam Support: The interior design of the bag includes 3-5-8 mm foam to support its shape. This feature enhances the bag's resistance to impacts and ensures the protection of items inside.
  • Multiple Compartments: The Cheap Backpack consists of 3 main compartments with zippers. This compartment arrangement allows you to store your belongings in an organized manner and provides easy access.
  • Laptop Compartment: Depending on your needs, there is also a 15.6-inch laptop compartment included. You can safely carry your laptop in this protected area.
  • Customization Options: Optional transfer, screen printing, and embroidery applications can be done on the interior or exterior surface of the bag. This allows you to customize the bag according to your company's needs.
  • Carrying Comfort: The shoulder straps of the bag are made of airteks material, which enhances carrying comfort. This feature provides comfort during long-term use and reduces the burden on the shoulders.

The price does not include 10% VAT and printing costs. For orders of 200 pieces and above, there is an option to change the fabric color, inner lining fabric color, or zipper color. The manufacturing lead time for promotional bags varies depending on the order quantity and is usually completed within an average of 10-15 days. The delivery time can be expedited depending on the urgency of the job. Stock bags without printing can be delivered on the same day, while the printing time for printed products may take a few days depending on the workload. Please contact us for up-to-date stock information.

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