Gray BackpackGray BackpackIn Stock

Gray Backpack

Product Code : kcs-3021-g

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Black BackpackBlack Backpack

Black Backpack

Product Code : kcs-3021-s

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VIP Promotional BackpackVIP Promotional BackpackIn Stock

VIP Promotional Backpack

Product Code : kvs-0183-g

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Promotion BackpackPromotion Backpack

Promotion Backpack

Product Code : kcs-2035-g

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Promotional Bag with Metal HandlesPromotional Bag with Metal HandlesIn Stock
Economical Sports BackpackEconomical Sports BackpackIn Stock

Economical Sports Backpack

Product Code : kvs-001-s

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VIP Black Promotional BackpackVIP Black Promotional Backpack

VIP Black Promotional Backpack

Product Code : kvs-0183-s

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WerbetaschePromotional Bag

Promotional Bag

Product Code : kcs-2035-s

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Ken Promotional Bag Manufacturing offers various promotional bag options to enhance the value of your brand and provide useful gifts to your customers

Other Bags

Ken Promotional Bag Manufacturing supports you in reaching your promotional goals with our products in the Other Bags category. Each of our bags is an ideal option to enhance the value of your brand and offer a useful gift to your customers. All of our bags are produced in accordance with our quality standards and help you effectively promote your brand. You can order custom designs and affordable prices for bags.

Some options in the Other Bags category:

  • Sports Bags: These bags, specially designed for sports activities, help athletes carry their belongings in an organized manner. With their stylish designs and spacious interiors, you can effectively promote your brand.
  • Beach Bags: Beach bags, which are ideal for completing your beach enjoyment, offer practicality and elegance while carrying your beach essentials. You can safely carry your beach items and attract attention with the branding on the bag.
  • Promotional Leather Bags: Leather bags that provide a stylish and high-quality appearance are ideal for special events or business meetings. While leather bags offer recipients a prestigious gift, they can increase the value of your brand and provide continuous promotion through long-term use.
  • Promotional Thermos Bags: Thermos bags that can keep your hot or cold beverages for a long time are practical for trips, business travel, or daily life. By offering thermos bags as promotional items, you can gift your customers a functional product and make your brand memorable with each use.
  • Promotional Makeup and Cosmetic Bags: These bags, designed to carry makeup and cosmetic products in an organized manner, are among the indispensable accessories for women. By using these stylish and compact bags as promotional items, you can ensure that your brand holds a special place among your female customers.
  • Earthquake, First Aid, Emergency Bags: These bags, specially designed for emergency situations, contribute to safety with their emergency equipment. By offering such bags as promotional items, you can convey an important message to your customers about security and preparedness.

Ken Bag Manufacturing - Promotional Bag

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